S.N. Name Designation Email Phone No.
1 Deepak Kumar Shrestha Controller deepak[at]occ.gov.np 01-5705585(ext 102,103)
2 Anil Kumar Dutta Deputy Controller anil.kumar[at]occ.gov.np 01-5705842,5705282(ext-105)
3 Ekraj Giri Account Officer ekraj[at]occ.gov.np 01-5705842,5705282(ext-104)
4 Arun Bhadur Khatri Section Officer arunnadi[at]occ.gov.np 01-5705842,5705282(ext-107)
5 Kashi prasad Kafle Section Officer Kashi[at]occ.gov.np 01-5705842,5705282(ext-106)
6 Satish Subedi Computer Engineer satish[at]occ.gov.np 01-5705842,5705282(ext-108)
7 Prabesh Koirala Computer Engineer pravesh[at]occ.gov.np 01-5705842,5705282(ext-112)
8 Bijay Maharjan Computer operator bijaya[at]occ.gov.np 01-5705842,5705282(ext-115)
9 Rakesh Chaudhary computer Technician rakesh[at]occ.gov.np 01-5705842,5705282(ext-113)
10 Gautam Ghising computer Technician gautam[at]occ.gov.np 01-5705842,5705282(ext-114)
11 Radha Roka Na.Su radha[at]occ.gov.np 01-5705842,5705282(ext-109)


EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) Title of Consulting Service: EOI/01/075/76 Method of Consulting Service: National Project Name: Making 6 Different Government…


Request for Express of Intrest

Request for Expression of Interest Government of Nepal (GON) Name of Employer: Office of Controller of Certification Date: 2075/09/24 Name…


Major works completion From falgun 3- Ashad

 फाल्गुन ३, २०७४ देखि ०७५ आषाढ मसान्त सम्म सम्पन्न गरिएको प्रमुख कार्यहरू: ६ वटा विभिन्न सरकारी निकायहरूका सूचना…


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Message from Controller

Office of Controller of Certification is formed under the ministry of Science, Technology and Environment with a view to implement Electronic Transaction Act 2063 and implementing digital signature in Nepal,…

Mr. Deepak Kumar Shrestha
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Suchana Adhikaari

Mr.Anil Kumar Dutta
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